Intuitive Web-based Control Panel – No Software to Install

Administrators and advertisers each have their own separate logins delivering real-time access to statistics to monitor ad performance. In addition, e-mailed statistics can be sent Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Our web interface allows you to easily manage the advertisements appearing on your website.

Ad Peeps Helps You Monetize Your Website

Introducing Ad Peeps, a leading provider of web-based banner and text ad management software. With our service, you can quickly create an Ads Rates Card where potential advertisers can browse and place their advertisements directly on your website. Our software does the heavy lifting of starting/stopping the advertisements when they expire, tallying the statistics that can be viewed online, e-mailed or exported. Our user interface has been redesigned to be more intuitive than ever and helps you to and organize your advertisers.

What if there was a solution that allowed you to quickly sell advertising on your own website, get paid directly using your own PayPal account, and cost as little us $3.99 US per month?

According to a 2015 IAB Internet Advertising Revenue/PwC US Report, revenue from online advertising hit $13.3 BILLION dollars, a 16 percent increase of 2014’s figures which themselves were record setting at $11.4 billion.

The Web is now Responsive, are your ads?

It is estimated that ads served on mobile devices accounted for 30% of all advertising revenue in 2014, and will top $4.6bn in 2015, and over $6.8bn by the end of 2019. Ad Peeps helps you tap into this ever increasing market by automatically adjusting your ads to fit many screen types including iPhone, Tablets, and more. We use the latest CSS styling to automatically these changes to your ads when they are served by our network.

Accept Advertising Orders with your PayPal Account

Advertisers pay you directly and can setup their ads on your website with complete end-to-end automation. No middle person. Using PayPal’s IPN feature, your Ad Peeps service will be notified of a successful payment and send an invitation to your Advertiser to setup their ads on your website.


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Professional Discreet White Label

Maintain the cohesion between your website and our service by branding Ad Peeps with your own company logo and e-mail signature. You and your advertisers are able to login to the software using a special URL that will display your company logo. Optionally, you can have your ads appear to be served from your own domain name (ie using DNS forwarding at no additional charge.

Unlimited Ad Sizes and Text Links

Ad Peeps supports UNLIMITED banner ad sizes including all major sizes as recognized by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). You can even rotate and track text ads with Ad Peeps Remove and setting up either type of ad is seamless.

Control Ad Delivery and Expiration

Automatically stop showing your advertisements when you tell it to. Ads can be set to never expire, expire after a given number of impressions or clicks, or expire after a certain number of days, or even months. However you sell ad space on your website, Ad Peeps provides an affordable solution to meet your needs!

Many Options and Styles to Display Advertisements

Get more control over the look and feel of your text links! The size of your text ads can easily be configured by simply inputting the number that represents the size you want. The title of your text ads can also be made bold or italic or both. Finally, the font face can be changed to reflect the layout of your web page.